ENROLMENTS - Transport

 The processes and procedures have provided clarity and direction pertaining to transportation services such as:

  • Return Service
  • One way

1. Eligibility for transportation service will base solely on the Return Service for the continuing students and requires that the Bus Agreement Registration Form 2020 must be completed.

2. The Bus Agreement Registration Form 2020 will ONLY be accepted with full payment by end of term 4. If continuing parents have not return the Bus Registration Form, your child/ren’s spot will be given to families on waiting list.

3.Continuing families who fail to adhere point 1 & 2 above. Your child will forfeit the transportation and the space will be given to families on waitlist.

For either request the process for changing or acquiring bus services is:

  1. Submit a written request to info@koroboro.iea.ac.pg or Transport Coordinator outlining the reason(s) forthe request and the details for the request.

  2. Ensure that the request is submitted in a timely fashion. (i.e 1 Week in advance) as it takes time to review a request and to alter bus pickups and drop offs.

Thank you for your understanding, flexibility and support through this situation. We can assure you that our value is provide all students with access to their education in a safe manner each and every day. 


Any questions related to KoroBoro Transportation should be forwarded to Adrian Laulama, Transportation Coordinator: alaulama@koroboro.iea.ac.pg or info@koroboro.iea.ac.pg or at 325 5358.